Toss It

Toss It Preview 1.6.3

The classic paper-in-trash game of skill


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Smart graphics
  • Simple controls


  • Gets very repetitive

Very good

If you've ever worked in an office then you'll be aware of the game of trashcan basketball. Toss It brings the 'sport' to Android phones, presenting an addictive challenge.

The object of Toss It, as with the real life version, is to throw the ball of paper into the trashcan. This would be easy, were it not for the addition of a fan that blows from varying directions and at varying speeds. You need to hold your finger on the ball then flick it forward, allowing for the direction of the air.

Toss It keeps count of consecutive 'baskets', and displays your best streak on the wall of the office, so that's constantly your target. There is an online scoreboard too, although be prepared for a lot of practice if you want to match the best on there. There are two different levels in this preview version of Toss It, and both are equally addictive.

In terms presentation, Toss It boasts smart graphics and realistic sound effects, making for an authentic office experience. And yes, it borrows much from the Paper Toss game for iPhone but hey, that's evolution.

With just two scenarios to choose from, Toss It does get very repetitive. But it's the perfect game to whip out and pass a couple of minutes while you're waiting for the bus.

Toss It


Toss It Preview 1.6.3

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